Now available:  Onsite Infusion services. Call us for more information.

Arogya Rheumatolgy: Joyous jump expressing freedom from diseases

Arogya’ translates to ‘freedom from disease‘. At Arogya Rheumatology, we strive to deliver healthcare of the highest standard to our patients: so they can control their disease and live freely, instead of the disease controlling their lives. Arogya Rheumatology was founded with the vision of ‘making lives better‘ for our patients. We aim to achieve this by providing quality care using evidence based medicine in a comfortable and secure environment. Being an independent private practice helps us develop personal relationships and provide individualized care. We are accepting new patients and can offer same day appointments. We also offer on-site infusion. Your time is of value and we respect it by not double booking/overbooking patients. This minimizes your wait time and makes your visit an enjoyable and stress free experience.

To provide seamless care, we keep your primary physician updated about the treatment and management plans. Call us today to find out more about our practice and book your next appointment with us.